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Drew Kramer

I’m Drew.

I am a front-end designer from Los Angeles, CA. I like designing with code.

Right now I am a product designer at Service Titan and help my wife Bethany run a food blog called A Simple Palate. Before that I was a front-end designer/developer at WebstaurantStore and an agency called YDOP. I’ve been designing and coding for about six years and am self-taught (thank you, internet).

I love Jesus, my wife Bethany, drums, tennis, well-designed technology, and black coffee.

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Tools I'm Digging

There are so many design and code tools available to help designers and developers work better and faster (more and more pumped out on Product Hunt every day), but here’s a short list of my favorite tools that help with my specific workflow.


While Sketch might still be the industry standard screen UI design tool, Figma has been on the rise as a promiment tool in the area and is now my go-to. It’s free to start, has cloud backup and version control, and real-time collaboration. I mean, pretty sweet if you ask me. The prototyping tools are also very good and easy-to-use. And last but not least, you can use it in the browser. Boom.

VS Code

I made the switch from Sublime Text to VS Code about a year ago mainly for the built in Git tools that VS Code had to offer, but quickly realized it has many superior features; including well supported extensions and an integrated terminal.

Currently loving the One Dark Pro color theme with Inconsolata.


Best operating system period. But, right now I’m currently exploring converting a Chromebook into a Linux local development machine using GalliumOS.

Adobe Photoshop

So much design magic in this app. Does pretty much everything that I can’t do in Figma/Sketch.

Local by Flywheel

Amazing tool by Flywheel to develop local Wordpress installs. The process is way easier than MAMP and you can sync your live installs to and from Flywheel, which is amazing. And it’s built rock solid by Flywheel, which is definitely the best dedication Wordpress hosting platform.

What This Site is Built With

Incredibly fast static site builder. Easy to learn and get started, especially if you’re familiar with how Wordpress works. Currently using and loving the victor-hugo boilerplate.

CSS on steroids. Variables, nesting, mixins, nuff said. I’m also using a Sass plugin called Shevy to create a modular typography scale. Super handy.

Typography is one of the most important elements for any website. For this site, I’m pairing DM Sans and DM Serif Display. My go-to place for webfonts is defintely Google Fonts, and for type inspiration I’m a huge fan of Typewolf.

All media from this site is stored on Cloudinary. Serves images from their fast cdn and they have a lot of tools to make working with media easier, including serving responsive images.

Publish static site projects using the JAMstack. It’s free, and their platform just straight up rules. Highly recommend.